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Recognized for edgy, high-quality eyewear and unparalleled customer service, Fusion Eyewear has been our lifelong dream. Fusion has surpassed our wildest expectations as we celebrate 18 years at the forefront of the boutique eyewear industry.

Starting up in 2003, we took 40 years of combined creative experience and applied it to a dynamic company that never loses sight of its customer (pun intended!). Now, we’re keeping Fusion fresh and in front of the trends by constantly introducing innovative product and new frame technology. Traveling worldwide and in relentless pursuit of the finest product, we are continually working with our team to provide the best for our customers. And we’re proud of the partnerships with our factories, who we work with very closely. We truly love what we do. That’s why you’ll always find us on the road, keeping in touch with our customers and taking the pulse of the marketplace. And we always have fun doing it! We look forward to an amazing future together and bringing the best of the best to you, our customers.

Alan & Leslie Weisfeld

“I truly love what I do and that is why you will still find me on the road, always keeping in touch with my customers and taking the pulse of the marketplace”. “Unique, relevant and passionate – that’s what we are all about. And fun, always have to have fun. I am looking forward to the next 10!”

Alan Weisfeld
“The last 17 years have proven to be the most energetic, creative and authentic years of my life and I can’t wait to see what comes next!”

Leslie Weisfeld

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